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A little about me...

  At a young age I learned that art came easy to me. I started out tracing comic book covers and eventually developed the skill to draw them on my own. Later,  with music I quickly learned a few instruments and that creatively carried me through adolescence.

  As an adult I have tried a few things to have that "creative outlet" but none seems to calm the fire within me to create and express. That is...until now. Yes, until now the need within me to create had all but died...unnoticed really; just attributed to being an adult, having a family, running the rat race. Nothing has come close to capturing my wonder and excitement of making great photographs and the memories associated with them. I strive to be better each day and continue to learn and grow in my craft and honestly wouldn't be where I am today without the support and love of my family, friends and fans. I am nothing without ALL of you.

  So, THANK YOU for your interest in me and my work, & I hope to earn your praise and continued support now and in the future.

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